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Are you staring at a pending divorce? Do you or someone you know need to resolve a child custody case? Maybe the problem you are facing is settling a visitation rights issue with the mother or father of your child.
In today’s day and age, legal challenges can go above and beyond what you are prepared to handle. That is where the Gill Law Firm comes into play. We have years of experience dealing with Family law issues. Relationships with your children and mate should not be affected when there is a capable law firm ready to deal with resolving any family setbacks. We will provide immediate legal assistance that you desperately need in a time of chaos. Your future depends on trusting an attorney who will make the correct decisions for you and your family.

What Does Family Law Involve?
The definition of family law includes any legalities that will impact the stability of your family. Family law includes but not limited to: the legal situations of blood relatives, marriage, and/or adoptions.

The Types of Family Law Issues:
Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
Divorce does not have to be hard when dealing with The Gill Law Firm. Many routes can be taken to resolve a divorce or dissolve your marriage. We pride ourselves in providing legal help such as meditation, collaboration and uncontested divorce. Ask Attorney William Gill about the best approach we can take toward fulfilling your legal needs.

Child Custody and Visitation
Besides ruling on your legal separation or divorce, the court designates which family member/party will be the custodial parent – with whom the child primarily lives with. The non-custodial parent will have the child in his or her care for a time of visitation determined by the court. Sometimes, the court will order joint custody, where both parents have the children for equal amounts of time.

At the Gill Law Firm, we will do our best to help you achieve child custody and/or visitation options. The main plan of attack is to ensure the best arrangement for our clients and their children. Once any parenting plan is approved, our attorneys then work with you in preparing a concise and suitable written argument, that will be filed and presented to the judge.

Child Support
Child custody cases deal with the courts determining each parent’s financial responsibility. The court establishes the amount of money to be paid by one parent to the other party, following a schedule for those payments. Usually the parent earning the most money will pay, in an effort to equalize their contributions towards the children. Even as your family changes, parents retain moral and legal obligations to support their children financially.

In some cases, the court may determine that a biological parent is unfit or unsuitable to be the sole provider for the child, and will terminate someone’s parental rights. This can also occur should a parent voluntarily give up rights to the child. Adoption and foster care are the processes in which new parents are assigned legal rights. This involves taking over parental duties and legal rights. The Gill Law firm will make sure to resolves all legal issues involving adoption or foster care when it comes to your family.
As discussed in our article, “Legitimation”, in Georgia when a child is born to parents who were never married. This is a common court case, where it t is necessary for the father to prove the child is legitimately his own. In addition to becoming the legally recognized father of his legitimized child, there are several other legal effects. The biological father should be aware of certain aspects before petitioning the court. The legalities of legitimation are as follows:
• 1) has legally adopted a child
• 2) was married to the mother of the child at the time of birth or conception
• 3) married the mother of the child after the child was born and recognized the child as his own
• 4) has been determined to be the legal father of the child by a paternity order
• 5) has been determined to be the legal father of a child by a final legitimation order
• 6) has legitimized a child via an acknowledgement of legitimation
Legal Help with Resolving Your Family Law Issue
Nearly all Americans are faced with at least one family law issue at some point in their lives; many will be effected repeatedly. Because family law issues are uniquely personal and very often emotional in a way that other areas of law are not, the insight and guidance of a knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney will be invaluable for helping you to eliminate unnecessary stress from the unknown.
75% of families that file in court do not have proper lawyer representation. At the Gill Law Firm, we know the importance of hiring a qualified attorney. You should not try to represent yourself or leave your family problem resolution up to a court appointed attorney.
When you hire an attorney from The Gill Law Firm, you will be in good hands moving swiftly towards a successful resolution!