Do not think for one second that DUIs are merely traffic offenses. Nothing could be further from the truth. DUIs are serious misdemeanors and are treated, handled and punished very severely.

There are several misconceptions regarding DUI. First, there is a belief that if a person were to drive with any amount of alcohol in their system that they have violated the law. The law is violated when a person is “less safe to operate his/her vehicle”. There must be probable cause on part of the officer to arrest you for DUI. Usually an officer will ask a person to conduct several “field sobriety” tests to gather probable cause to arrest you. An officer will also note any “erratic” driving movements and the physical appearance of the driver.

If you are arrested all is not lost. The officer must follow procedures and rules pertaining to DUI arrests. Sobriety tests must be performed properly. “Implied consent” warnings must be given properly if a person is asked for a breath or blood sample. Failure to comply with the rules on the officers part may be enough to save you from a DUI conviction.

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Did the officer keep your license? Did you receive an “Official Notice of Intent to Suspend” (DDS 1205) form at the time of your arrest or release? If so (or you are not sure), CLICK HERE for more information regarding your rights.


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