Being charged with a crime can be a life changing experience. Your freedom, as well as certain rights and privileges, may be in jeopardy based on the charges filed against you by the State. Furthermore, if you go to court without an attorney, even for your first court appearance, you may waive certain rights and privileges granted to you by Georgia law and the Georgia and United States Constitution. These rights may include the right to conduct and receive discovery (e.g. witness lists and statements, inspection of evidence, scientific reports, and investigative reports) from the prosecuting attorney, the right to challenge the legality of searches and seizures, and the right to challenge the legality of certain statements received by the State. Preservation of these rights may greatly affect the outcome of your case.

We represent clients from the time of arrest through the conclusion and disposition of their case. We provide assistance for bond hearings, and represent individuals during parole and probation revocation hearings. We have represented several clients before the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. We also represent individuals facing forfeiture proceedings.Since 1995 we have represented clients charged with:

• Drug Offenses
• Robbery
• Theft
• Assault
• Battery

• Shoplifting
• Molestation
• Sex Offenses
• Arson

• Domestic Violence
• Forgery
• Fraud
• Murder

Arrested for DUI? Click HERE for more information regarding DUI and DUI License Suspensions.


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